Recipients of the MrOS public data sets may choose to seek collaboration with MrOS investigators in the analysis of MrOS data and participate in the MrOS publications process. Those interested in collaborating with the MrOS study should review the MrOS Publication Guidelines below.

This track involves the following activities:

  1. Develop an analysis proposal using the MrOS Analysis Plan Form that includes the research question and/or hypothesis, brief background and rationale, variables to be used in the analysis, key mock tables, timelines. This analysis plan should be submitted for review by the MrOS Publications Committee.
  2. Collaborate with one or more MrOS investigators in analyzing and publishing the data.
  3. Submit abstracts, presentations and manuscripts for review by the MrOS Publications Committee prior to submission to a meeting or journal.
  4. Manuscripts where analyses are performed outside of the MrOS Coordinating Center or Administrative Center may be subjected to a code review to check reported numbers and validate findings. Any discrepancies must be resolved before the manuscript is submitted for publication.

MrOS Publication Guidelines

MrOS Analysis Plan Form

MrOS Publications Listing

For more information about the MrOS Publications process, please email